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Ferris Translations Information Resource

This translation resource page is meant to be a resource for translators, translation agencies and companies that perform translation projects. At the same time, it is a great first stop for anyone who is curious about the industry and wants to gain initial information about how the world of translation works.

Having a look at this site is an absolute must for people who are taking the advantage of translation services for the first time and even for translators who are just starting out. The selected translation articles have been arranged in a clear and concise way. The majority of the articles originate from the Ferris Translation Blog.

If you have a translation-related article that you would like to share, please feel free to submit it for posting here. Please, no spam, all articles are personally reviewed before being posted.

The glossary of translation terms is designated to be of assistance in order to understand any type of specialist translation terms and jargon that you may be confronted with and is updated regularly.

The Q&A section of this website gives insight into prevelant questions that both customers and translators alike are seeking an answer to. 

The links section of this website provides useful links to not only online dictionaries for a variety of languages, but also to translator platforms and software applications available on the market.

On this site, you will find links to interesting translation articles, a glossary of translation terms, a listing of translation associations throughout the world, as well as useful links to translation and translator resources.


This resouce page has been made available to you by Ferris Translations e.U, a translation agency based in Vienna, Austria.

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A translator's speed
Posted by ferriswords on Monday, May 09 @ 08:53:48 PDT (73 reads)

Day in and day out, people need to get their translations done as soon as possible. The question is, how quickly do translators work? What are some of the considerations that must be made when things have to get done quickly?

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Info on bettering translation quality Costs of proofreading
Posted by ferriswords on Tuesday, January 12 @ 06:22:05 PST (748 reads)

Proofreading costs money, but the benefits definitely outweigh the burden of costs. Translations should always be proofread prior to delivery. Even the best translators in the world are just people and can make errors. Customers that purchase a translation should be entitled to getting their money's worth when they pay for a translations

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Article on the translation business A single word into several languages
Posted by ferriswords on Wednesday, September 23 @ 21:31:56 PDT (243 reads)

One of the most challenging translation projects entails translating a single word into 25 to 30 different languages within a short period of time. There is a lot of work, projectment and research behind this.

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Article on the translation business Free Business Resources
Posted by ferriswords on Wednesday, September 23 @ 21:18:43 PDT (185 reads)

Nowadays, there are so many free resources available to small businesses. You just need to know where to find them and more importantly, you need to know how to look for them.

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Various translation topics Internationalization
Posted by ferriswords on Monday, June 01 @ 18:44:58 PDT (285 reads)

The decision to internationalize a company, thus opening up new markets, is a decision every company has to make. This is a lot more complex that just translating your website, but also localizing everything in your company for the target market, including your processes.

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Article on the translation business Dealing with complaints
Posted by ferriswords on Wednesday, April 01 @ 09:28:40 PDT (257 reads)

If it were possible to run a business without complaints, even in the translation industry, it would mean that people stop being human,

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Info on bettering translation quality Article on dumping costs
Posted by ferriswords on Wednesday, April 01 @ 09:23:16 PDT (334 reads)

As is the case in any industry, the wolrd of translation is filled with people offering translation cheaper and cheaper.

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Info on bettering translation quality Translation quality
Posted by ferriswords on Thursday, March 19 @ 12:44:57 PDT (279 reads)

Quality is in the eye of the beholder. There are a lot of eyes looking at your translation. So what is real quality?

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Ways to save money on translation Translation quotes
Posted by ferriswords on Thursday, March 19 @ 12:40:41 PDT (344 reads)

Knowing how to request a translation quote effectively can help to save a lot of money and ensure that you receive the type of translation you want.

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Ways to save money on translation Saving money on translation - prepare your files well
Posted by ferriswords on Thursday, March 19 @ 12:34:39 PDT (316 reads)

People can save on their translation costs by preparing their text well before submitting it  for a quote. It is not so difficult but is often overlooked.

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